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      1. Product display

        about us

        Keep improving and create a model

               Haoge Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional production of electric wheelchairs, elderly scooter manufacturing plant. Over the years, good brother of Industry and Trade is committed to electric wheelchairs, elderly scooter product development, has developed into the disabled, the elderly one travel supplier product quality, ranking the domestic industry leader. Products covered electric wheelchairs, elderly scooter series, with a unique design, excellent quality, best-selling domestic and foreign markets, praised by customers.

                 The company has a sound technical development, production, sales and after-sales service system, with the guarantees necessary for high-quality technology and advanced production and testing equipment. In strict accordance with ISO9001, GS, CE and other international quality system standards, excellence and beyond.

                 Good brother of Industry and Trade has always advocated safe, convenient and comfortable means of transport, so that users ...... 


      2. Left and right handrails are free to open and close
        Get on and off the car more convenient, intimate angle design
      3. Emergency brake / parking
        Equipped with emergency brake safety double insurance
      4. Cushion that will breathe
        Using high permeability material, sedentary, not suffocating, cool, washable
      5. details decide the quality

        Carefully designed

      6. Comfortable leg shield
        Protection of the calf prevents the calf from falling backwards
      7. Front wheel aluminum alloy wheel
        Strong and durable aluminum alloy, corrosion resistant
      8. Intimate zipper side pocket
        Intimate design can place a medicine, water cup, mobile phone, etc.
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